Raids on Vadra: Cong warns investigating officials

Raids on Vadra: Cong warns investigating officials

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New Delhi, Dec 8: Hours after the Enforcement Directorate officials raided multiple places linked to Robert Vadra, the brother in-law of Congress chief Rahul Gandhi, the grand old party on Saturday made scathing attack on Modi government and warned its officials that the ‘political season will change and there will be a judgment day”.

Addressing mediapersons in the AICC headquarters, party spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi along with his colleague Pawan Khera, said that the departments (CBI, ED, IT) must think calmly and carefully, that seasons must change and one will happen on December 11 and another will on next year.

“There is cycle of life and seasons have to change and that change also happens in electoral season. Once such season of change will happen on December 11. Another is forthcoming shortly next year. So you have to think how long you will take blind instructions and follow blindly such mad instructions from your political masters. You have to think there will be judgment day and there will be a day of accountability”, said Mr Singhvi.

He also said that the government have made earlier respectable known department, which was statutory authorities, obliged to exercise quasi-judicial power in the nature of a judge, into a slave, a bonded labour of the government.

“This is a sad day institutionally and on principle that a government and ruling party which has seen the message on the wall that they are going to lose in five states, which has led them to divert people with a different narrative”, said Mr Singhvi.

He said Modi government’s ‘mask of corruption crusader’ lies in shambles with successive scams getting uncovered over last 54 months and zero actions against fraudsters.

“Instead the only tool which is being employed by the Modi government hide its massive failures are mudslinging, muckraking and hatchet jobs by the dirty trick departments, CBI and ED, to smear opposition leaders”, he said.

Mr Singhvi said the illegal raids on the premises of Mr Vadra and his associates is another episode of these ‘concerted conspiracies’ and ‘blind vendetta acts’ and ‘web of lies’ to target Congress party.

He also said that all constitutional, legal and administrative norms are being thrown into dustbin to target and tarnish an individual, for sheer and petty political reasons.

“In last 54 months, Modi government has let loose a criminal conspiracy to vilify, denigrate and malign Mr Vadra to settle political scores. As all else failed, Modi government has unleashed all its agencies including ED, CBI and Income Tax to victimise Mr Vadra in an utterly malafide manner”, said Mr Singhvi.

Talking to mediapersons, Mr Khera said usually, Director of ED has the rank of Additional Secretary. The newly appointed Director, who was from Gujarat cadre, did not qualify for this when he was made acting-Director two years ago.

“On the date of appointment, he was neigther an additional secretary rank nor a secretary rank officer. He has been promoted out of turn, and appointed as Director ED to carry out PM Modi’s sinister agenda,' he said.

Echoing Mr Singhvi, Mr Khera also said officers of investigative agencies should understand that they cannot indulge in illegal actions on behalf of Mr. Modi.

“Someday, they will be held accountable”, he said. (UNI)