Rahul lauds Gen Hooda for saying that surgical strikes were politicised

Rahul lauds Gen Hooda for saying that surgical strikes were politicised

Agency News

New Delhi, Dec 8: Lauding General Hooda for saying that the 2016 surgical strikes were politicised, Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Saturday said Prime Minister Narendra Modi had no shame in using the Indian military as a personal asset.

In a post on social media, Rahul said,’’spoken like a true soldier General. India is so proud of you. Mr 36 has absolutely no shame in using our military as a personal asset. He used the surgical strikes for political capital and the Rafale deal to increase Anil Ambani’s real capital by 30,000 Cr.’’

Retired Lieutenant General D S Hooda, who was the Northern Army Commander in September 2016 when Indian troops carried out “surgical strikes” on terror launch pads across the Line of Control, on Friday said the strikes were overhyped.

Moderating a discussion on “Role of Cross-Border Operations and Surgical Strikes” at the Military Literature Festival in Chandigarh, Gen Hooda said,’’did the overhype help? I say, completely no,”

“If you start having political resonance in military operations, it is not good. There was too much political banter, on both sides, and when military operations get politicised, that is not good,”Gen Hooda said.

“Now how much should it have been politicised, whether it was right or wrong is something that should be asked to the politicians,” he said.  (UNI)