PM Modi has plunged public discourse to a nadir

PM Modi has plunged public discourse to a nadir

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New Delhi, Dec 8 : Lashing out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, senior Congress leader and former Union Minister Kapil Sibal on Saturday said that Mr Modi has brought country’s political discourse to a low level.

Talking on the subject, Changing dynamics of Indian politics, in a seminar called ‘Jagran Form’ organised by Dainik Jagran media group, here, Mr Sibal charged Modi of ‘cheating the people by giving false promises’ .

Mr Sibal said that the post of the Prime Minister in the courty has a dignity, and whoever occupies that post is leader.

“Mr Modi is the Prime Minister and he is the leader. Leaders should show how to make a political discourse. But he has degraded the discourse by making false allegations and statements. He made false allegations against P Chidambaram. He said he brought someone from Dubai and whatever he says many names will come out etc. If the Prime Minister makes these dialogues, response too will be similar”, he said.

He also alleged that whoever questioning the Modi government’s policies is treated as traitor.

“The change is necessary. We cannot go ahead without changes. But if the change is happening by destroying the Constitution and politicisation of constitutional institutions, that is not the change”, he said.

Mr Sibal questioned what happened to Mr Modi’s slogan, 'minimum Government and maximum governance', and where where is the ‘acche din’.

“The earnings of poor people were junked in a minute in the name of demonetisation, more than 100 people died in the queue. GDP growth declining close to 1.5 percent. Was this the minimum government and maximum governance?”, he said.

Mr Sibal further said that today people are scared to ask questions.

He said that Mr Modi had promised to give 15 lakhs to every account and bring back all the black money, will bring development. Instead, he had built a statue of 3000 crores.

“Mr Modi should understand there is a great difference between giving speech and governance. You cannot do the good for the poor people by building idol of Rs 3000 crores”, he said.

Referring to the news reports of the statement by retired Lieutenant General Hooda on ‘surgical strike’, who was in-charge of the operation, the congress leader pointed out that the Lt. General has said the surgical strike was a secret mission and it should not be publicised and not to politicise and added that “he has even told that if this is continued, the Indian army could hardly do any such operation in future”.

Mr Sibal also alleged that the Modi government is run by the RSS .

'We are not against RSS, but the Congress will oppose whenever RSS interferers in the governance and attempt to invoke their ideology,'he said.

Taking on Mr Modi for his claim that the NDA government has electrified 18,000 villages, Mr Sibal said that the country has 6.5 lakh villages and the Prime Minister should say who have given power to the rest.

“Does Mr Modi think that India does not have a history before 2014?, asked Mr Sibal. (UNI)