India’s space prog will create good career option for youth: Rakesh Sharma

India’s space prog will create good career option for youth: Rakesh Sharma

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New Delhi, Dec4: First Indian Astronaut Wing Commander Rakesh Sharma (Retd) on Monday said the country's space programme will open good career options for Indian youth, as India aims for deep space exploration like 'Mangalyan' and Gaganyan.

'India is going for sustainable deep space programme and we are going to colonise the Moon first and then probably Mars, so obliviously, we will have to have a full core of astronauts. We need to have a pool of astronauts and this will be a good career option for the Indian youth,' said WC Sharma.

'As far as the matter of training is concerned, we may have perhaps some consultancy and later we will have our own,' the Astronaut told UNI.

Speaking at a function jointly organised by the BRICS Chamber of Commerce and the Russian Embassy to facilitate WC Sharma, Russian Ambassador Nikolay R Kudasev said Russia can extend support to Indian space programme, such as safety and communication.

On this occasion, a portrait of Rakesh Sharma, made by famous Russian painter Vladimir Anisimov, was unveiled to mark the long Indo-Russian friendship.

Speaking at the event, Director (Finance), Treasure of BRICS Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of United News of India Vishwas Tripathi said there is a need to educate the youth of the country about India's space heroes like Rakesh Sharma.

'The Indo- Russian cooperation will help our space programme to a greater extent and Russia is our time-tested friend of India,' Mr Tripathi said.

Chairman of NBCC and BRICS Chamber of Commerce AK Mittal said it was very good initiative, which would help in creating awareness about India's space programme.

'The youth, who have red 'Chanda Mama,' will be inspired by the story of the first Indian man, to have reached space,' Mr Mittal said.

Director General of BRICS Chamber of Commerce BBL Madhukar, on this occasion, said that young generation should know India's first astronaut Rakesh Sharma and his experience in Indian space programme, as this happened some 33 years ago.

'The facilitation of Rakesh Sharma is going to remind the young generation about a great achievement of the Indo- Russian space programme. Sharma is a lifetime hero and a living legend and the younger generation will be motivated by this kind of facilitation,' Dr Madhukar said. (UNI)