Vishwa Vedant Sansthan to hold ‘Ashwamedh Yagya’ in Ayodhya

Vishwa Vedant Sansthan to hold ‘Ashwamedh Yagya’ in Ayodhya

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Lucknow, Nov 30 : Lambasting the government of not fulfilling the promise of building Ram temple at Ayodhya, Founder of the Vishwa Vedant Sansthan, Anandji Maharaj said that since the Supreme Court has failed to offer any viable solution to the issue of the Ram temple, they have decided to conduct an Ashwamedh Yagya in Ayodhya from December 1.

Stating his opinion in clear terms, the seer while addressing the media here at the Uttar Pradesh Press Club said that as far as the issue of Ram Temple was concerned, he would not accept any anti-Hindu verdict by the judiciary in the matter.

Lashing out at the political parties for the delay in the construction of the temple, the seer said that every group was working for their vested interests and the construction was getting delayed due to the politics over the issue.

Talking about Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the saint said that he earlier had high hopes from the leader over the construction of the temple but now he was convinced that the temple wouldn’t be constructed because everyone was vying for political gains. He further said that this was the prime reason why he was conducting the ‘Yagya’ from December 1-4.

He added that he is hopeful that after the grand Yagya, construction of the temple will be initiated.

He also said that if construction of the temple does not start, even after the Yagya, seers from all round the globe would come together in a ‘sammelan’ being organised by him in Kumbh on February 3rd, where they will decide upon the construction of the temple, adding that the seers were capable of constructing the temple.

While leading out a scathing attack on certain saints , he said those people who are working for their personal gains have not been invited in this ‘sammelan.’

Without mincing his words, he said that he considered those opposing the construction of the temple as already 'dead'.

He also said that there were certain saints who were the sycophants of the political parties and were not listening to their heart.

The seer, who was scathing in his criticism of the majority community individuals who were opposing the construction of the temple, said that the seer community will construct the temple even if they have to resort to violent means against those opposing the construction.

Reacting to a question related to UP Shia Waqf Board chief Waseem Rizvi supporting the cause of the construction, he said that he was thankful to him for lending support to the issue.

Reacting to a question posed by UNI with regard to Mr Amar Singh saying that only a touch of grandeur was to be added to the temple, Anandji Maharaj said that he was absolutely correct in his statement. He further said, the fact that the statement came from a ‘samajwadi’ leader, the seer was willing to express his regards to the leader a thousand times, adding that he was thankful towards him for supporting the issue of the Ram temple. (UNI)