A potted plant with 122 roses blooming vies for entry in Limca Book of Records

A potted plant with 122 roses blooming vies for entry in Limca Book of Records

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New Delhi, Nov 10 : As many as 122 roses blooming in a single pot is certainly a treat for everyone. But it is also a record of sorts which is all set to soon find a mention in the Limca Book of Records.

Grown by Meena Upadhyaya, a resident of Qutub Vihar in West Delhi, the majestic flower has earned accolades and praises from all quarters for her. Normally, a potted rose plant can have about 20 flowers or buds blooming but her efforts to achieve an unusual feat in gardening led to a record number of more than 70 roses blooming in a 14 inch pot.She did not stop there and her experiments ultimately led to 122 roses or buds blooming in a pot during this year's spring season. 'I have applied to Limca Book of Records and they have accepted my claim which will soon be featuring in the coming edition,' she said while talking to UNI.

When she took up gardening as a hobby in the terrace of her flat, she had just five plants but gradually the number has grown to nearly 90 plants in a small space. She says that one of the rose pots, planted by her, had nearly a hundred flowers blooming. 'I spoke to some nurseries and they told me that it is very rare as a normal potted plant does not yield more than 20 flowers or buds. It was a big encouragement for me to continue my hobby which has now become a passion for me,' Ms Upadhyaya said.

Inspired by her 'green' efforts, her neighbours also began utilizing their spaces on the roofs and terraces to have a small garden. 'Delhi is already reeling under severe pollution and very poor air quality. Plants are the natural answer to combat the menace of pollution. The government is doing its own efforts but as citizens we can also chip in with our own small steps to tackle air pollution by growing plants and having terrace or roof gardens in our houses and flats,' she said.

Her passion for gardening meant spending nearly two hours each in the morning and evening to nurture the plants and flowers in her terrace. 'Everyone has a full day to themselves, some succeed while others keep on cribbing. It is important to find time for one's hobby and the often quoted excuse of running short of time does not cut any ice,' she said.

Though she does not possess any degree or diploma in horticulture, her dedication and passion for gardening has catapulted her to a place from where she can be a source of inspiration for others, particularly people in and around her colony.