Diwali Eve Delhi’s air ‘very poor’, likely to go bad if firecrackers used

Diwali Eve Delhi’s air ‘very poor’, likely to go bad if firecrackers used

Agency News

New Delhi, Nov 6: On the eve of Diwali, as people begin with the festivities with Narak Chaturdashi, the air quality in Delhi continued to be bad with average AQI being 385 at 1200 hours , running under the 'very poor ' category as per the Central Pollution Control Board.

The smog in the morning was due to the pollutants as well as the shallow fog and mist.

Relative humidity was 77 per cent at 0830 hours this monring, slightly lesser compared to Monday.

Less moisture is something that helps in dispersion of the pollutants in the air.

Such air condition is likely to remain till culmination of Diwali festivities , the pollution monitoring and control agencies said.

However , the situation may improve if the pollutants do not add up due to uncontrolled use of fire crackers, they said.

City residents continued to complain of difficulty in breathing and burning eyes, once outdoors.Doctors have advised people, especially children, to stay indoors, and wear proper masks to filter out pollutants to the extent possible.Health and fitness experts have advised people to refrain from activities and sports outdoors till the air quality improves and gets within safe limits.

Some people in the capital are also of the view that instead of staying in Delhi with bad air during Diwali , it was better to plan a sort of weekend getaway during the long weekend in view of the pollution .

Delhi Pollution Control Committee has asked the department and traffic police to step up checking to deal with polluting vehicles.

Construction activities have also ground to a halt. (UNI)