Mom in law gifts kidney, even as kin refuse

Mom in law gifts kidney, even as kin refuse


Gani Devi, 60, set a sterling example by donating her kidney to her daughter in law. Breaking all stereotypes of wicked mothers in law and suffering daughters in law comes this heart warming story from Barmer, Rajasthan. The lucky recipient of the kidney is Sonika, 32, who has for long been suffering from kidney ailments. Sonika’s own mother was the first to be approached for a kidney donation, but she refused. Then her father and brother were also asked to donate their kidney to her. They too refused. It was then that Gani Devi stepped in and decided to save the life of her daughter in law.

Sonika is a resident of Gandhi Nagar, Barmer district, and has been living with the support of medicines. Recently she had gone for a check up to an Apollo Hospital branch in New Delhi where she was informed that both her kidneys had failed. The choices before her were dialysis and transplant. As dialysis was not feasible in the long run, it was decided to go in for a kidney transplant. It was then that her mother Bhanwari Devi and other family members were contacted. Their refusal to help left the family in a quandary. At that time the large hearted mother in law volunteered to donate her kidney. She said that she considered Sonika her own daughter and wanted to save her.

On September 13 the transplant was successfully done and Sonika is now leading a healthy life thanks to her mother in law.