Modiji very popular in Bangladesh: Gowher Rizvi

Modiji very popular in Bangladesh: Gowher Rizvi

Agency News

Kolkata, Oct 06: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is very popular in Bangladesh and the neighbouring country is also sharing the closest and fondest of bilateral relationship with India, said Special Adviser to Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Gowher Rizvi here on India Today Conclave East, 2018.

Mr Rizvi while addressing the session 'Friends and Neighbours- sharing more than a border' also said, ' Bangladesh always wants to take its citizens back. '

Commenting on the phrase 40 lakh illegal Bangladeshi entrants identified, he said, ' If Bangladesh wants to send Indians back, then first of all they have to prove those people are India nationals and here lies vice versa I think. '

Mr Rizvi also stated that in every state there are minorities, no state in the world is homogenous.

He further verbally opposed Ram Madhav's statement of comparing Rohingyas with illegal Bangladeshi entrants, saying, " Rohingyas have been prosecuted and are deliberately thrown away as an effect of ethnic cleansing. "

Asked whether sending Rohingyas back to Myanmar is right, he said, " India would never have sent them back until they have the safety assurance from Myanmar. It should be assured first that they will not be the victim of genocide. "

Finally Mr Rizvi asserted that the Central ministry of two neighbouring countries till is in a symmetry and also sharing a bilateral synergy. (UNI)