Relation not dependent on weapons supply, says Putin

Relation not dependent on weapons supply, says Putin

Agency News

New Delhi, Oct 5: India and Russia on Friday pledged to make forward movement in the bilateral ties and the visiting Russian President Vladimir Putin virtually sprang a surprise when he said the ties between two countries go beyond the supplies of Russian weapons.

“Our cooperation goes beyond supplies of Russian weapons....We maintain regular contacts between ministries between the ministries of defence," Russian President said at a joint press conference with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Both the leaders, however, did not take any question after their respective statements.

The visiting Russian President said both sides at the 19th India-Russia Bilateral Summit here also discussed in details about the trade cooperation.

"We have goal of increasing goods turnover by 30 billion USD by 2025," he said. President Putin also invited Prime Minister Modi to be the chief guest in economic forum in September 2019 in Russia.

In his remarks, Prime Minister Modi said the India-Russia friendship is "aditiya (unique and unparallel)".

“We have taken our relations beyond traditional and conventional limits, this is further bolstering key pillars. Russia has always stood shoulder to shoulder with India," Mr Modi said.

Prime Minister also said both countries believe in multi polarity in a rapidly changing world and also that both countries are cooperating on fight against terrorism and on issues related to Afghanistan and also on Climate Change. (UNI)