Mumbai security team foils bank robbery bid in Chennai

Mumbai security team foils bank robbery bid in Chennai

Agency News

Chennai, Oct 1: A bid to rob the Axis Bank at Ramapuram in the city was thwarted by an alert security team from Mumbai which was monitoring the bank and its ATM through remote CCTV cameras, early on Monday.

Police and bank officials said the robbers first entered the ATM attached to it at around 3 am on the pretext of withdrawing money. They conducted a recce and after ensuring that no one was around, they returned with gas cutters and tried to break open the windows to gain entry into the bank. Fortunately, the thieves failed to notice the CCTV cameras pointed in their direction.

The footage from the cameras was being uploaded live to the Axis Bank’s main security control centre in Mumbai through Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) network. An alert security expert in Mumbai saw the unusual activity and triggered the alarm. However, the robbers had broken the alarm and continued their robbery attempt for a few more minutes.

Meanwhile, the security incharge in Mumbai called the Police Control room and alerted them of the situation in Chennai. Following this, the control room immediately dispatched a team of police personnel to the spot. By the time the police arrived, the robbers left the scene leaving only the gas cylinder, cutters and other metal tools they had used for breaking the windows.

Police have obtained the CCTV footages and were investigating to trace the culprits. (UNI)