Rahul Gandhi deserves more credit than he is getting: Cong leader Vishvendra

Rahul Gandhi deserves more credit than he is getting: Cong leader Vishvendra

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Bharatpur (Rajasthan), Sep 30: The Congress President Rahul Gandhi deserves “more credit than he is getting”, a senior Congress leader has said here and maintained that it was only in last one month or so that Mr Gandhi has started getting a favourable press.

He said there has been “tremendous amount of change” in the Congress party especially after Mr Gandhi took over the charge as Congress president. “Younger people are also consulted, this is a good and healthy sign. And there is enthusiasm among workers also,” he said adding, in the process, Congress workers also find that Mr Gandhi is "more accessible".

However, he cautioned that the euphoria now seen among Congress workers - both in Rajasthan and the rest of India - “has to convert into votes”. In this context, he emphasised that “winnability” is a key factor the party has to keep this in mind while distributing tickets.

“It is more so in Rajasthan where we have very good chance of winning the assembly elections,” he said. Answering questions on whether Mr Gandhi has really able to provide an effective leadership to the Congress especially in terms of electoral battle against BJP, Mr Singh, sitting legislator from Deeg Kumher said, “I will be very honest, in the past one month....only one month, the press has – fortunately - started taking him seriously. Otherwise, excuse my saying so, the press was completely against him and one sided”.

“This was unfortunate, the young man deserves more credit than he is getting,” said Mr Singh, who was reportedly contacted informally by BJP insiders to shift allegiance. The vocal leader has clarified that he is with the Congress and will continue to be. To a question, he said it could be held against Mr Gandhi that the BJP has been winning a number of elections across India. But at the same time, he pointed out in many states like Goa the BJP came to power only by ‘poaching’.

Answering questions on the emerging election scenario in Rajasthan, he said the “worsening price hike of essential commodities and fuel price” will be a chief election issue in the state.

Moreover, he said the governance is being neglected by the state government and various departments are faced with crisis like situation due to strike by the employees.

“All 200 panchayat samities are today defunct. The Roadways staff are on strike. So the common man is suffering...Old people are unable to draw their pension. Panchayat Raj is in standstill,” he said.

On the issue of governance, he said even the centre’s performance has been dismal.

“All the promises made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi....all were lip service. No deliverance. So essentially, there is an anti-BJP mood,” he said.

Mr Singh, however, added, “At the same time, I would like to tell my party – the Congress, they should not be over confident. Ticket distribution has to be done very carefully. On this, I am being frank as it is my duty to give warning to the party”. (UNI)