Hollande’s statement is intl confirmation of Rafale scam: Cong

Hollande’s statement is intl confirmation of Rafale scam: Cong

Agency News

New Delhi, Sep 27: Describing the statement by former French President Francois Hollande and the fact that no one in the present Government in the country has contradicted it as a confirmation of corruption in the Rafale deal, the Congress on Thursday said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi must break his silence on the issue.

The Congress also alleged that the Modi Government had sent on leave a joint secretary in the Defence Ministry who questioned loss to Government Treasury by paying 300 per cent extra for 36 Rafale.

It also alleged that his senior, DG Smita Nagaraj, who overruled the Jt Secy, was made a member of UPSC for covering the corruption in Rafale.

Talking to reporters here, AICC spokesperson Jaipal Reddy said, 'Mr Modi is getting caught by international revelations . For the first time on Wednesday, the present French Prime Minister Macron avoided the question on the Rafale deal saying that he was not in charge at that time. In other words, he did not contradict Hollande’s version. Also, till date no one in the French government has contradicted the claim by Hollande that his Government did not have any choice in the selection of Anil Ambani’s company as the offset partner in the Rafale deal.

This is an international confirmation of the corruption in the Rafale deal. PM Modi must break his silence on the matter. He owes an explanation to the Nation on the statement made by Hollande on Anil Ambani’s company.’’

Mr Reddy said that in the last 70 years, he had never seen a head of state of a major foreign country make any statement contradictory to that made by an Indian PM.

'In the last 70 years, I have never seen a former head of state of a foreign country make a statement contradictory to one made by an Indian PM. France is the only country that has stood by India in the last 70 years. When we went nuclear, France is the country that did not react in a hostile manner. So when a former President of France makes a statement, the country has to sit up and take notice.

Mr Modi is not just contradicting the opposition in India or Pakistan. He should not confuse Pakistan with France. Mr Modi stands self condemned . Can Mr Modi say that Mr Hollande us not a well wisher of India,’’Mr Reddy asked. (UNI)