Abhilash Tomy Hospitalised

Abhilash Tomy Hospitalised


Cdr Abhilash Tomy who was rescued from a remote location in the South Indian Ocean has been admitted to hospital Amsterdam Island on Tuesday. Abhilash had suffered back injuries and was immobile. He was carried out of his vessel on a stretcher. The Golden Globe Race organisers said that his health was stable. The Australian Navy ship HMAS Ballarat is expected to reach Amsterdam Island on Wednesday after which Abhilash will be shifted.

It has been reported that Abhilash’s X-rays do not show any serious injury and his condition is now stable. He has been sedated and is under observation for some days. The doctors at Amsterdam are updating the doctors in Australia through teleconferencing with regard to Abhilash’s condition. He is in the care of a French doctor at Amsterdam Island.

Abhilash was able to talk and has consumed food said the defence PRO Sridhar Warrier.