Coming soon to Delhi – First Ever Mega Skywalk

Coming soon to Delhi – First Ever Mega Skywalk

Nisha Menon

Yes, Delhi will soon be getting its first ever Skywalk, if the final deadline given by the authorities is to be believed in. The Skywalk which is being constructed to decongest one of Delhi’s busiest traffic junctions is located at the Income Tax Office (ITO) in central Delhi which is the hub of corporate and government offices. The city’s first-ever Skywalk will help around 30,000 pedestrians who cross the road at ITO every day.

By definition, a Skywalk is an elevated, usually enclosed walkway between two structures but this particular Skywalk will have four arms. The first arm of the Skywalk will exit at the Mathura Road bus stand. The second one will go under the Metro line and it will descend near the entry of the Tilak Bridge railway station. The fourth one will be a ramp that will descend on Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, near the Hanuman Temple. As part of the Skywalk project, a 60-metre-long foot over bridge (FOB) will also be constructed on Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg near Hans Bhawan. It will also have a network connecting seven entry/exit points on different roads

Built at a cost of Rs 54 crore, the Skywalk project though planned in 2003, was finalised only in  April 2016 . After taking necessary approvals from Unified Traffic and Transportation Infrastructure (Planning & Engineering) Centre and Delhi Urban Arts Commission, PWD had floated tenders.

The construction of the Skywalk, which is 615 metres long, was started last year in the month of November but owing to several glitches, the project’s deadline got extended four times. The delay had occurred due to complexities involved in the construction since it is situated in one of the busiest traffic intersections and also due to the presence of a number of underground utilities in the area.

Deemed to be very user friendly the Skywalk will have glass lifts, escalators, Wi-Fi and CCTV cameras. All the utilities will be solar powered. The authorities have also announced that proposals to set up coffee shops and kiosks at junction points will also be looked into after the project is completed.