Rahul alleges BJP of offering crores to Churches
Rahul alleges BJP of offering crores to Churches

Rahul alleges involvement of PM in Mallya’s escape

Agency News

New Delhi, Sep 14: Stating that industrialist Vijay Mallya's escape from India with Rs 9,000 crore of public money was aided by the Central Bureau of Investigation(CBI) changing the Lookout Notice from 'Detain' to 'Inform', Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Friday alleged the direct involvement of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the matter.

In a post on social media, Mr Gandhi said, 'Mallya’s Great Escape was aided by the CBI quietly changing the “Detain” notice for him, to “Inform”. The CBI reports directly to the PM. It is inconceivable that the CBI, in such a high profile, controversial case, would change a lookout notice without the approval of the PM.'

The Congress has accused the Modi government of failing to take action against the fugitive businessman despite the CBI registering an FIR against him on July 29, 2015 for financial irregularities and diversion of funds. UNI