Body of HDFC Bank vice-president Siddharth Sanghavi found

Body of HDFC Bank vice-president Siddharth Sanghavi found

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New Delhi, Sept 10: Police on Monday recovered the body of the missing HDFC Bank vice-president, Siddharth Sanghavi, who went missing on September 5.

Related to the murder, a hired killer, one Sarfaraz Shaikh, who is also a cab driver, was arrested by the police. Later, Sarfarz confessed before the Magistrate on Sunday that he had committed the murder. Sarfaraz has reportedly said that the EMI pressure as the reason behind the chilling murder.

But still, Police guess that a single person cannot execute this murder. Police have also suspected that the bank executive have been killed over professional rivalry. Earlier, Sarfaraz reportedly said to police that he was hired by four people including a woman and some of them are bank executive’s colleagues.

Sarfaraz Shaikh also said that he buried Sanghavi near the Haji Malang shrine at Kalyan in neighbouring Thane. A day later, the bank executive's car was found abandoned near a high-rise apartment building in Navi Mumbai, with bloodstains and a knife on the rear seat.

But Mumbai Police guess that a single person cannot execute this murder and Police still on the lookout for the mastermind of the murder. The police have already arrested the four people named by Sarfaraz Shaikh. They are being questions. Sanghvi’s collegues are also among them. Mumbai police will be taken a press conference at 5.30pm on Monday.

The 39-year-old bank executive had been missing since he left his office at the Kamala Mills compound around 7.30 pm last Wednesday. His family went to the police and filed a missing report after he did not return home till late on Wednesday night. His body was found on Sunday. He was allegedly killed the same night.

The way to the contract killer His phone was switched on for a few minutes in Navi Mumbai after he went missing, said the police. The cab driver was caught while tracking the phone by police. When the police caught him, Shaikh allegedly kept changing his statements and tried to give misleading information to derail the probe. Now the police are analysing Sanghavi's mobile phone records for more clues.

The accused driver was detained in Navi Mumbai and handed over to the Mumbai Police, which placed him under arrest, said Tushar Doshi, a senior police officer.

It is the professional jealousy as the reason behind the murder. The recent promotion given to the Sanghavi is believed to be one of the reasons behind the murder. Sanghavi is a specialist in credit and market risk and his professional growth was fast after he joining the bank in 2007. Sanghavi lived in south Mumbai's affluent Malabar Hill area with his wife and eight-year-old son. UNI