Demonetisation an assault done by PM on people: Rahul

Demonetisation an assault done by PM on people: Rahul

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New Delhi, Aug 30: Holding Prime Minister Narendra Modi as directly responsible for Demonetisation, Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Thursday alleged that the noteban exercise was done solely to help the PM's crony capitalist friends.

Addressing a press conference here, the Congress president said,'the intention of the PM in carrying out demonetisation was to help richest of the industrialists of the country o turn their Black money into While. The sole aim was to destroy the small and medium businessmen.

In this sense, the demonetisation was an assault on the people. Demonetisation was done by the Prime Minister so that money could be taken out of the pockets of the common man, small businesses and traders and put into the pockets of the few crony capitalist friends of the PM. Narendra Modi just wants money for crony capitalists - he is looting money from fishermen, farmers, small businessmen and the like to pass them on to his capitalist friends.'

Calling Demonetisation as a 'big scam', Gandhi said,'it cannot be called a 'jumla'. Rather, it is a big scam.

Addressing the press meet a day after the Reserve Bank of India annual report for 2017-18 said that 99.3 per cent of the demonetised currency had come back into the banking system, Gandhi demanded an explanation from the PM for carrying out Demonetisation.

'While carrying out Demonetisaiton, the PM had promised to the youth of the country and the poor people that Demonetisation would help remove black money, end fake currency and help strike at the root terrorism. Now the result of the demonetisation has come which says that almost the entire money has come back into the banking system.

The PM has to answer to the people of the country, especially the youth and the small businesses why he carried out such a huge assault on the people in the from of demonetisation which destroyed small and medium businesses and cut down almost 2 per cent of the GDP. He should tell the people as to what was the logic behind demonetisation,' Gandhi said.

He claimed that demonetisation was not a mistake, but was a deliberate step taken by Modi to help his 15-20 crony capitalist friends clear their non performing assets.

'The direct intention of Demonetisation as to take money from the pockets of the poor and small businesses and put it into the pockets of his 15 to 20 crony capitalists friends.

During Demonetisation, the biggest industrialists turned their black money into White. An example is Rs 700 cr of old notes being deposited in the Gujarat cooperative bank in which Amit Shah is director,' he said.

He said that the PM was right when he said that he did what no other PM of the country could do - completely destroyed the economy of the country. (UNI)