Odisha’s KISS scripting new chapters of holistic education

Odisha’s KISS scripting new chapters of holistic education

New Delhi, Aug 12: Odisha's Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS) is adding new dimensions to the concept of holistic education with its programmes, aimed to cater to the needs of poor and tribal students of the eastern Indian states.

Founded by eminent educationist and social activist Dr Achyuta Samanta in 1992 with an aim to bring social transformation through holistic education, KISS has over the years grown considerably and currently has over 37,000 students enrolled across its 10 centres in Odisha, where students are given food, healthcare, education from kindergarten to post graduation free of cost.

“It is the largest residential institute for tribals in the world providing every basic amenities of life absolutely free.

KISS is a unique experiment to eradicate poverty through the use of education as a tool to empower and provide sustainable employment to underprivileged tribal sections of the society,” Dr Samanta said.

Talking to UNI, Dr Samanta, a Rajya Sabha MP also shared the challenges of bringing children to the institute. (UNI)