Need to think afresh to build goodwill: Manmohan

Need to think afresh to build goodwill: Manmohan

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New Delhi, Aug 8: Former Prime Minister and economist Manmohan Singh on Tuesday said that old and tried approaches may not suffice in today's times to counter the resurgence of nativism and protectionism and stressed the need to think afresh and taking new approaches to build goodwill among nations.

Speaking here after launching a book titled 'Ten Ideologies' by senior politician and former minister S Jaipal Reddy, Singh said, ' the conflict of mindsets of Agrarian and Industrial eras that Mr Reddy focuses upon in the book is relevant today. When the instruments of destruction are developing at a lightning pace, the human mind cannot remain stagnant and get stuck in the morass of yesterday’s passions and prejudices. '

'The mind must keep abreast of the machine, otherwise humanity is likely to fall into this yawning abyss and convert the blessing of recent industrial progress into a curse', said the economist. In his book, Reddy throws light on ten major ideologies that shaped the world including Nationalism, Democracy, Liberalism, Capitalism, Evolutionary Socialism, Revolutionary Socialism, Feminism, Environmentalism, Nuclear Pacifism and, last but not the least , Globalism.

The senior politician discusses in profound detail pressing problems of humanity that are an integral part of modernity and issues ranging from the unhindered use of technology , the danger of climate change and, in a war-torn world, the importance of choosing a path towards nuclear pacifism.

Speaking about the book, Reddy said, 'I am bothered about the increasing ignorance of ideologies and the de-intellectusalisation of politics. People are passing through an “anti-intellectual mood” and there is a disappearance of ideological debates in the current political discourse. I have been deeply disturbed in recent decades by the fact that ideological debates or intellectual discussions are no longer in fashion. I have therefore undertaken this plain presentation of rekindling intellectual interest in political processes.'

Present at the book launch were senior politicians and academicians including former Delhi Chief minister Sheila Dixit, Dr Neera Chandhoke, Parliamentarians and senior party leaders from several political parties. The book titled, 'Ten Ideologies: The Great Asymmetry between Agrarianism and Industrialism', is published by Orient Blackswan. (UNI)