Chennai resembles a ghost town

Chennai resembles a ghost town


As the news of death of DMK patriarch M Karunanidhi spread like wild fire, life came to a standstill in Chennai on Tuesday evening with shops shut, out of respect or fear of violence, buses taken off the road and most roads barricaded by the police as part of security measures.

While most of office goers managed to reach home, small knots of people were seen in bus stops, stranded.

The Government declared a public holiday on Wednesday when Karunanidhi would be laid to rest. It also declared a seven-day State mourning as a mark of respect to five-time Chief Minister. The Government ordered shut the liquor shops all over the State. Cinemas cancelled evening and night shows.

Karunanidhi’s residences in Gopalapuram and the CIT colony were cordoned off and only VIP vehicles were allowed. The situation was tense, but quiet.