Rahul Gandhi 
Rahul Gandhi 

People of Andhra, rest of the country victims of BJP: Rahul

Agency News

Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Friday launched a blistering attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said the people of Andhra Pradesh and also the farmers and Dalits in the rest of the country have become victims of his 'Jumla Strikes' .

Leading the Congress charge against the government during the debate on No-Trust motion in the Lok Sabha, Mr Gandhi said the people of the country are falling victims of '21st century politics' and 'Jumla Strikes'.

'I heard TDP member Jayadev Galla carefully and in your speech, I could sense some anxiety, a sense of pain. You are the victim of 21st century weapon called 'Jumla Strike'.

'The farmers of the country, Dalits, the youth, the tribals and women of the country are the victims of jumla strike,' he said. UNI