EC urged to verify politicians through Aadhar Card

EC urged to verify politicians through Aadhar Card

Agency News

Ex- MP from Rajya Sabha Ambeth Rajan on Thursday urged the Election Commission for an effective implementation of verification of members of political parties through Aadhar Card.

In a letter to Chief Election Commissioner OP Rawat, Rajan said, ''In recent years, number of claims relating to bogus members of political parties, misuse of public funds in name of bogus members and conversion of black money received by political parties into white money in name of bogus members have been raised by many political parties but no effective steps have been taken in this direction till date.''

'' In order to curb this menace, it is required that every political party who claims some person as its member shall also provide Aadhar card of that person dully verified and maintained by the said political party on the website maintained by your office, the Ex-MP said.

''If the effective step of Aadhar verification and updation of same is taken by your office on your website against each party, huge amount of public and black money transaction by political parties can be curbed and truth about the amount received through specific person can be verified easily,'' the letter added. (UNI)