Delhi Cong will not have any electoral tie-up with AAP: Maken
Delhi Cong will not have any electoral tie-up with AAP: Maken

Delhi Cong will not have any electoral tie-up with AAP: Maken


Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee (DPCC) president Ajay Maken on Saturday said the Congress workers of Delhi and all the party leaders do not want any electoral understanding with Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in the coming Parliamentary elections in Delhi.

Clarifying the Delhi Congress’ stand on the issue, following media reports of a purported understanding between the Congress and the AAP for the 2019 Parliamentary elections, after a meeting with the District Congress committees at the DPCC office, Rajiv Bhawan, Delhi Maken said there were two very clear reasons for not having any electoral tie-ups with the AAP. The main reason, he said, is that for not doing any work by Mr Kejriwal's Government, the popularity of the Kejriwal Government has been fast eroding.

Maken said the same Mr Kejriwal’s party, which got 56-57 per cent votes in the 2015 elections, came down to 26 per cent in the Municipal Corporations of Delhi elections in 2017. He said on the other hand, the vote percentage of the Congress party has gone up from 9.5 per cent to 22 per cent in the 2017 elections. He said,'with the Congress vote share going up from 9 per cent to 22 per cent, the Congress’ graph has been steadly climbing up.' He said in the Rajouri Garden Assembly byelection, Congress got 33 per cent votes while the Aam Aadmi Party got only 13 per cent votes.

He said in both the Rajouri Garden and Bawana Assembly by-elections, the AAP candidates lost though the AAP had won both the seats in the 2015 Assembly elections. 'These by-elections clearly showed the erosion of the Aam Aadmi Party’s popularity in Delhi,' he said. 'On the other hand, the vote percentage of the Congress party has been going up steadily which shows that the party is regaining its lost ground. The Congress party won 31 seats in the MCD elections despite the fact that Congress could not win a single seat in the Assembly election,' he said.

He said the AAP, which won 67 seats out of 70 in the Assembly elections, could win only 49 seats in the MCD elections and there is not much difference in the number of seats won by the Congress and the AAP in the MCD elections. Maken said,'when the people of Delhi do not want the AAP as they are fed up with the AAP Government in Delhi due to power and water shortage, and the poor results in the Board exams of 10th and 12th classes, as Delhi recorded the worst results ever this time, and if the percentage of the results of the whole country are compared, Delhi comes at the bottom, and in such a scenario the Congress workers and leaders strongly feel that there is no reason for the Congress party to support AAP in the 2019 Parliamentary elections.'

'The second important reason for not supporting the AAP is that in 2012-13, during the Anna Hazare movement, along with Kiran Bedi, Baba Ramdev and Gen VK Singh, and with the backing of RSS and BJP, if the demon of Modi was hoisted, it was Kejriwal,' he said.He said the Congress party can make a secular alliance, but not with Kejriwal who helped hoist the demon of Modi, to work against the Congress, and the Congress workers and leaders are totally against any kind of understanding with Kejriwal’s party.

Maken said during the Anna Hazare Movement, they did not speak against Yeduriyappa, Dhumal and Akali Dal’s Badal and they only defamed the Congress and damaged its chances.Maken said as the PCC president, he was speaking on behalf of the Congress workers and leaders, that they do not want any tie-up with Kejriwal’s party in the coming elections for the above-mentioned two reasons.

He said if the people of Delhi do not want to support the AAP, Congress should not have any truck with Kejriwal’s party as he was the one who was responsible for the creation of Narendra Modi demon.