Sonia always went to temples
Sonia always went to temples

Sonia always went to temples


Taking a potshot at BJP’s ‘Hindutva politics’, former Congress President Sonia Gandhi shared her temple experience with Rajiv Gandhi. Speaking at an media event,in Delhi on Friday she said: 'The BJP has managed to persuade the people that the Congress is a Muslim party. We have always been to temples. When I traveled with Rajiv Gandhi, wherever, we used to go, there was always a major temple that we used to visit. But we never made a show of it.'

The Congress leader, Sonia Gandhi, wondered if India really was a black hole before the BJP government was formed in 2014. 'Was India really a giant black hole before May 26 2014? Did India march to progress, prosperity and greatness just four years ago? Is this claim not an insult to the intelligence of our people?', she said.

Gandhi said: 'Our judiciary is in turmoil. The RTI was brought to bring transparency, but today that law is in cold storage. Aadhaar is being turned into intrusive instrument of control.'

She pointed out, 'We were out-marketed. We have to really develop a new style of connecting with people. We have to look how we project our programmes and policies.