Khurshid's book on Triple Talaq launched
Khurshid's book on Triple Talaq launched

Khurshid's book on Triple Talaq launched


The Oxford University Press has launched Salman Khurshid's new book titled 'Triple Talaq: Examining Faith', one of the most debated issues in the recent times following a landmark judgment by the Supreme Court.

The book which was launched on Thursday in the presence of Najeeb Jung, Former Lt Governor and the author Salman Khurshid himself, comprises comprehensive overview of the complicated issue Triple talaq, or talaq-e-bidat delves deeper into the other aspects of the practice.

The book also brings to light the reasons and the steps taken by the SC to declare this form of practice unconstitutional. The Supreme Court in the landmark judgment of Shayara Bano.

In 'Triple Talaq: Examining Faith', Salman Khurshid intervened to offer the court an amicus brief in the "Triple Talaq case", explaining the reasons behind the court's decision, he dives deep into other aspects of this practice: why it is wrong, why it has thrived, what was the judicial history of this issue; what the Quran and Muslim religious leaders say about it; and what the comparative practices in other countries are.