Rahul's media team hamstrung
Rahul's media team hamstrung

Rahul's media team hamstrung


The Congress’s social media team does not have enough access to resources and information unlike that of the ruling BJP, Divya Spandana, the head of the Social Media and Digital Communications team, has rued.

Participating in a panel discussion at the Harvard Kennedy School on 'social media in Indian politics' organised by the university at Harvard, the movie star-turned-politician said that despite these limitations Rahul Gandhi’s team is doing a really good job with tweeting for the party President.

'The fact that they have access to a lot of resources and therefore they can use a lot of tools is something that I envy. We don’t have any resources. We are limited in our resources sort of access, of tools and software,' Spandana said. 'I think, his team is doing a really good job with tweeting for him. For example, when it comes to festivals and wishing people, they are pretty prompt and pretty quick. The team is doing a really good job.'

Spandana was repeatedly asked on who writes the tweet for Rahul Gandhi. 'Gandhi himself,' she answered. The BJP leader, Madhukeshwar Desai, responded by saying that the social media team of Rahul Gandhi has a good sense of humour. 'His (Rahul Gandhi) team has a good sense of humour, he said towards the end of an hour-long debate which among others also included Ankit Lal of the Aam Aadmi Party and Ghanshyam Tiwari of the Samajwadi Party.

Desai said since the 2014 elections, the BJP has used the social media effectively to dispense the message that they have to do the last mile using social media. The number of people using phones and social media is increasing. The BJP leader faced questions on the Prime Minister not tweeting on some of the burning issues. And he was asked why the BJP and its supporters spread fake news on social media. These individuals, websites or channels are 'not ours or controlled by the party,' Desai said.