Media need not be judgemental and it should not hold trial
Media need not be judgemental and it should not hold trial

Media need not be judgemental and it should not hold trial


The Union Communication Minister Manoj Sinha has called upon the media to avoid being judgemental and cautioned it to not hold Media-Trial.

Speaking at the Annual General Meeting of the Federation of Press Trust of India Employees' Unions,he said that role of media in democracy is very important as it is the fourth pillar of any democracy.

Cautioning the media not to be judgemental,he said that now a day in several media organizations a parallel trial of any person or organization is being done which is not proper. Media has the role of informing and educating the people but it has no role in passing a judgement against anyone for which a strong judiciary is in place in the country. He appreciated the role of the national news agencies PTI and UNI, who have a great role in the dissemination of information all across the globe. But the role the agencies are playing is to only present the bare facts before the people, he added.

He said that the news and views are two parts of any media and they should never be mixed. As when views are presented as news they create confusion.

The biggest challenge before the media is the "Neer-Ksheer Vivek" (the wisdom to differentiate between the good and the bad). Citing the example of 'Narad', the communication Minister said that Narad is considered to be the first and ideal journalist as he travels across the universe and collects the information and disseminates the same at the right place very promptly.

He asked the journalists to be fearless and do their reporting work fearlessly. He also cited the example of Sanjay in Mahabharat and said that he was a fearless and impartial journalist as sitting at the palace of a cruel king like Dhritrashtra he told only the truth to the blind king. He could have easily reported in a biased manner but he never did the same.