Yechuri-Karat fight intensifies
Yechuri-Karat fight intensifies

Yechuri-Karat fight intensifies


CPI(M) factionalism is getting deepened. The ideological fight is now slipping into personal fights. Karat says that Yechuri did not offer to resign and Yechuri asserts that he offered to resign in the Politburo(PB) and Central Committee (CC). The fight between the veteran communists is getting reduced to a personal feud.

Sitaram Yechuri on Wednesday reiterated his position that he offered to resign in the party’s recent Central Committee meeting and added that reports otherwise were totally untrue. Yechuri said that he not only expressed his desire to quit in the party’s Central Committee (CC) meet in Kolkata but in the Politburo meeting in Delhi earlier.

When asked to comment on the reported remarks of Prakash Karat denying that Yechuri had offered to resign as the party chief after the CC rejected the draft presented by him at its meeting Yechuri said that in both the meetings he was asked to continue.

Earlier Karat had made the remarks in an interview to a news web portal. Reacting to this, Yechuri said, “I have said this very clearly in the press conference after the central committee….I have said that my continuation will be untenable. But the politburo said ‘no, that will create an impression that the party is divided’ particularly in Tripura elections. So they said that I should continue. Unanimously they said.” He added that in the central committee too he repeated but the reaction was the same.

Yechuri, talking to a news agency, said, “Therefore in the press conference I said that I am here as general secretary because my central committee and politburo want me to. It is as clear as that.”

At a time when the CPI(M) is sharply divided on the tactical line and attitude towards the Congress, an issue which is to go before the party Congress in April, the two top leaders fighting like Kilkenny cats indicate that the differences are not just ideological or on policy but personal feud too. The whole issue may, if continued, lead to disastrous consequences for the revolutionary party, which had the role of corrective force in Indian politics, in spite of its area influence being small.

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