When 'Baby Moshe' arrives after nine years…
When 'Baby Moshe' arrives after nine years…

When 'Baby Moshe' arrives after nine years…


Do you remember Baby Moshe? Nobody can easily forget that ‘lucky kid’ who had a narrow escape from 26/11 Mumbai terror attack. The Jewish kid, Moshe Holtzberg, who dearly called ‘Baby Moshe’, is now the face of the innocent victims of ruthless terrorism.

Now after nine years, Moshe Holtzberg, who lost his parents during the Mumbai terror attacks in 2008, has arrived in Mumbai on Tuesday. Moshe is all set to return to Nariman House- his home and one of the sites that terrorists chose for bloodbath in Mumbai.

His parents had moved to Mumbai seven years before the attack to work at the Chabad House. After the attack, Moshe's maternal grandparents took him to Afula, a city in Israel for his safety and comfort.

Addressing the media here earlier, Rabbi Israel Kozlovsky, Director of Chabad-run Jewish center at Nariman House had said that Moshe will be accompanying Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on January 18 for the inauguration of a memorial project dedicated to those killed in the 26/11 carnage.

Kozlovsky noted, "We are very excited about this upcoming visit of Moshe Holtzberg with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. We are heartened to see him here again in the Nariman House, the very place where his life was miraculously saved by his nanny, Sandra Samuel. Prime Minister Netanyahu will be coming here on January 18 to unveil the memorial project which will be dedicated to remember and commemorate all the victims of 26/11 attack".

"We are very excited about this programme. This visit for Moshe is very emotional and sensitive as he lost his parents here. We will need the cooperation of the media and we will provide a press release at the end", he continued.

He added that a part of the memorial will have a special area designed to remember the parents of Moshe Holtzberg.

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