Aadhar technology flawed, petition to SC
Aadhar technology flawed, petition to SC

Aadhar technology flawed, petition to SC


Amid rising concerns over violation of right to privacy due to Aadhaar, a petitioner against the 12-digit unique biometric identification number has told the Supreme Court that it is based on a flawed technology, making it prone to data breach.

'Reports by privacy and security researchers indicate that such breaches have already affected 135 million Indians. These data breaches are in flagrant violation of Section 29 of the Aadhaar Act read with Regulations 6 and 7 of the Aadhaar (Sharing of Information) Regulations, 2016,' writer-activist Ms.Kalyani Shankar Menon said in her rejoinder affidavit. Filed ahead of the January 17 Constitution Bench hearing of petitions challenging the validity of the Aadhaar Act, the affidavit cited research done by various experts and RTI replies to suggest that the scheme was flawed.

'It is submitted that Aadhaar is an insecure, unreliable, unnecessary and inappropriate technology project, which is being foisted with coercion on the most vulnerable section of Indians and is threatening their constitutional and legal rights and entitlements every day, 'the affidavit read.

Menon submitted that it gave rise to 'surveillance, breach of privacy and identify theft of individuals' in violation of their right to equality, right to freedom and right to privacy.

The Supreme Court had on December 15 extended the deadline for linking of Aadhaar for all services and schemes, including mobile phone numbers, to March 31.

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