Millionaire beggar of Rae Bareli
Millionaire beggar of Rae Bareli

Millionaire beggar of Rae Bareli


The unique story of Muttaiah Nadar will surely make you believe in miracles. Nadar was living in Ralpur town of Rae Bareli district in UP and was found by Swami Bhaskar Swaroop Ji Maharaj of Angroom school in a poor condition. By his appearance, the Swami mistook the man for a beggar. However, he was astonished to find an Aadhaar card and FD documents in his clothes. The FD documents found in this man’s clothes were worth all of Rs 1,06,92,731. On further investigation, based on details retrieved from his Aadhaar Card, it was established that he was a rich businessman from Tamil Nadu.

Eye-witnesses confirmed that this old man, who people mistook for a beggar was found in Rae Barelli by Swami Bhaskar, of Swami Prabodh Paramhans Inter College, on December 13. He was not able to speak but indicated that he was hungry. Swami Bhaskar helped him with food and also took him to a barber’s shop for a haircut and shave. After that, when the man went for a bath, an Aadhaar card, a bank FD and key were recovered from his clothes.

The man was identified as Mutthaiya Nadar, a resident of 240 B North, Neru, Thidhiyur Pookuli, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, 627152, according to the details on his Aadhaar card. It came to notice that he had a bank account and, to everyone’s surprise, the total amount of money he had was a whopping Rs 1,63,93,000.

Nadar’s family members were immediately informed and they rushed to Rae Bareli and took him back with them on a flight.

According to the account given by family members, Nadar, along with the family, went on a pilgrimage in June, but has been missing since then. The family believed that someone might have drugged him.