India calls for Security Council expansion
India calls for Security Council expansion

India calls for Security Council expansion


India has once again called for an expansion of the Security Council, saying that international structures designed seven decades ago have not succeeded in dealing with the complex challenges of today.

"A non-representative Council, designed many long years ago to maintain the balance of power among competing rivals is simply not equipped to handle the challenges that have changed beyond recognition in the intervening decades. An instrument that is no longer considered legitimate and has lost its credibility cannot be our hope for salvation. New realities cannot be addressed by using old paradigms," said India's Permanent Representative to the UN Syed Akbaruddin.

"To tackle contemporary challenges, we need to move beyond old moulds. Until then, 'Speech Acts' like today's debate will remain just that, having little impact on the billions of 'we the people', who are striving to live peacefully in a safe and secure manner," he said, participating in an open debate on 'Addressing complex contemporary challenges to International Peace and Security' on Wednesday.

Akbaruddin asked the Council to focus on the common challenge of peace and security arising out of the globalization of terror networks which operate across borders in terms of propagation of hateful ideologies, sometimes based in deep-rooted perceived grievances; raise finances; procure arms; and recruit operatives.