16 artists' celebration of joys of colours at Quintessence
16 artists' celebration of joys of colours at Quintessence

16 artists' celebration of joys of colours at Quintessence


Capturing the essence of life through various moods, versatile Artist Dilip Sharma, along with 15 other talented craftspersons including Meetu Kapoor, Mona Chadda and Manju Thakur used a variety of bases like miniature water colour, oil, charcoal and Archael pastel, to bring out their genius best.

The creations beautifully depicted the talent and wisdom of their inventors in a refined essence at All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society in the national capital.

Giving details about the three-day event, President of Grains of Canvas Dilip Sharma said that Quintessence is an annual event, in which 16 professional and amateur artists amalgamate to create an aura of an esoteric and personal artistic fulfillment, readily catching the attention of viewers in a straightforward visual language.

''These artists might work in different media, but they all have one thing in common, their passion for art.

While most of the work exhibited is recent, yet it reflects years of hard work put in by artists,'' he added. According to Artist and Organiser Meetu Kapoor, ''It is always a unique experience to express your thoughts through the canvas painted with vibrant colours.”

The longest painting auctioned during the event at Rs 1.4 lakh, combined religion with history in a unique way. Made with Terracotta mud to maintain authenticity, the creation, defining Ammurism during the days of Indus Valley civilisation, beautifully blended religion with culture. The Shivling in the picture gave a glimpse of how people worshipped, some 1.
5 lakh years back in India, said Manju Thakur, one of the participating artists.

''There was also a painting titled 'Women, Wife and Widows,' depicting the conditions of widows during pre-independence India in 1938 in Banaras.
Women had to tonsure their heads and dance for others.
The cost of the painting is Rs 1.2 lakh,'' said Kanchan Mehra, another artist.