IYC protests against demonetisation outside RBI
IYC protests against demonetisation outside RBI

IYC protests against demonetisation outside RBI


Slamming the Prime Minister Narendra Modi led government over instilling the demonetisation move forcefully on the people of the country, Indian Youth Congress on Tuesday midnight staged a protest in front of the Reserve Bank of India as note ban completed one year.

Demanding explanation from the Modi government, IYC national president Amarinder Singh Raja who led the protest along with other secretaries and party workers asked,' If black money came in then who were the people in possession of black money and what has been done against them in this regard'? he added questioning the government over the benefits of demonetisation.

He said that people of the country , especially the poor and downtrodden had to bear the maximum brunt of the note ban , while asking the government to give details about what were the outcomes of the move, while what benefits were there for the commoners post this step taken by the government.