RSS Chief: Economic policies need rethinking
RSS Chief: Economic policies need rethinking

RSS Chief: Economic policies need rethinking


RSS pats Modi for 'bold' decision, but points out lacunae in present economic policies

While patting the Modi Government for some of its 'bold' decision, the RSS advised it not to lose touch with the ground reality while framing economic policies, and asked it to save the small and medium cottage industry from the destabilising effect of decisions like demonetisation.

'Our NitiAayog and economic advisers of the states will have to come out of the same old economic 'isms', and will have to integrate the most up-to-date economic experiences with the ground reality of our nation,'' RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat said in his annual Dussehra speech at Nagpur.

He described Rohingyas as threat to national security, and condemned violence in the name of cow protection but said violence was not associated with genuine protectors of cow. The RSS chief also wanted the special status of Jamu and Kashmir to go.

Bhagwat's remarks on economy came in the backdrop of the raging debate over the economic policies of the NDA government triggered by critique of veteran but dissident BJP leader YashwantSinha. The RSS chief noted with regret that the despite being faulty, the parameter of Gross Domestic Product was still used to measure the health and progress of economy. He sought to underline that on the front of job creation and livelihood, the biggest contribution was made by the small, medium and handicraft industry, retail or small self-employed businesses, cooperative sector and agro and agro-allied sector.

'They are also our security net during the ups and downs in the global trade and economic earthquakes,' he said. In obvious reference to the impact of the note ban on these sectors, he said, 'While reforming and cleaning the economic systems, although some tremors and instability is expected, it should be kept in mind that these sectors should feel the minimum heat and ultimately they should get the maximum strength.'

Stating that the currently accepted global policies were 'faulty, artificial, create a mirage of prosperity, cause erosion of morality, environment, employment and self-reliance,' the RSS Chief advised the government to have a rethink on these policies and evolve a nation specific unique models of development. Besides economy, Bhagwat also dwelt at length on issues of national security. Describing Rohingyas as a 'national security threat'' he asked the government to take any decision on sheltering them keeping that in mind. He said they are being driven out of Myanmar mainly due to their continuous violent and criminal separatist activities and linkages with the terrorist groups. ''Any decision regarding them should be taken by keeping in mind that they will definitely be a threat to national security and integrity. The Government seems to be thinking on the same line,'' he said.