India turned to be junior partner of US: Yechuri
India turned to be junior partner of US: Yechuri

India turned to be junior partner of US: Yechuri


CPI(M)General Secretary Sitaram Yechuri on Sunday alleged that during the past three years of the Modi government virtually reduced India to become a "strategic junior partner" of United States.
Inaugurating the Red volunteer march, organised as part of the meeting of all communist and left parties of South Asian Countries here, he said " in all the agreements that Modi has signed from defence, economy, trade, science and technology to everything India has open partnership with US and has virtually become its ‘’Junior partner’’. India’s role as a junior partner of US, which was actually creating difficulties for India’s relationship with all the neighbouring countries because of the US foreign policies, he added. The main agenda of Modi’s foreign visit was not for the benefit of India and the net result was instead of being a firm anti-imperialist follower in the world, it has become a junior partner of US and imperialist policies, he charged.

Alleging that the BJP and Narendra Modi were playing communal cards for their electoral victory, Yechuri said that the countdown of days of the Modi government has begun, with the loss of their students organisation in University elections, which points fingers showing that the youth in the country were against Modi.

Yechuri also called upon the Communist and the left parties to unite and work against the anti-people policies and the strategy of communal polarisation of the BJP to gain electoral gains in elections.