Rahul slams NDA for demonetisation, 'hastily-applied GST'
Rahul slams NDA for demonetisation, 'hastily-applied GST'

Rahul slams NDA for demonetisation, 'hastily-applied GST'


Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi has attacked Prime Minister Narendra modi and the NDA Government for demonetisation and 'hastily-applied GST' that he said had caused tremendous damage to the India economy.
Addressing the students of the University of California in Berkeley on 'India at 70: Reflections on the Path Forward', Gandhi expressed concern over politics of hate and polarisation raising its ugly head in India , as reflected in incidents like Liberal journalists being shot, people being lynched because they are Dalits and Muslims killed on suspicion of eating beef .
Attacking the NDA Government for its economic policies, Gandhi said,' The government's economic policies, demonetisation and hastily-applied GST have caused tremendous damage.
Decisions like demonetisation, which removed 86 per cent of cash from circulation overnight and was carried out unilaterally without asking the Chief Economic Advisor, the Cabinet or even Parliament, imposes a devastating cost in India.
Millions of small businesses were simply wiped out as a result of demonetisation.