Shia clerics welcome SC ruling, but warn govt not to interfere with UCC
Shia clerics welcome SC ruling, but warn govt not to interfere with UCC

Shia clerics welcome SC ruling, but warn govt not to interfere with UCC


Shia clerics today welcomed the verdict of the Supreme Court banning the Triple Talaq in one go, terming it a life saver for Muslim women of a Sunni section. However, the clerics also warned the government not to interfere into the uniform civil code (UCC) as the entire community was united on the matter.

All India Muslim Personal Law Board(AIMPLB) vice-chairman Maulana Kalbe Sadiq though refused to comment on the SC judgment and said the issue was not concerned with the Shia sect. "We have nothing to do with this illegal system as Shia follows strict Talaq norms," he said while expressing his sympathy towards the other sects who follow this illegal practice. The AIMPLB has already called a meeting of the executive members in Bhopal on September 10 to discuss on the matter.

MaulanaSadiq said only 'Hanafi ' school of thought recognises the triple talaq which is just a section of the Sunni sect

Meanwhile, All India Shia Personal Law Board (AISPLB), which had already moved a resolution a few days back for banning the triple talaq, has welcomed the SC ruling. "Triple Talaq is non-Islamlic and is not a part of the Shariat. After Prophet's death, an amendment was made to include triple talaq," said AISPLB spokesperson MaulanaYasoob Abbas here. He further said that triple talaq was against women and the apex court took the right decision and with justification . "Triple Talaq should go the same way like the society did against Sati, which has been forgotten now," he added.

However, the Maulana said that in the case of Triple Talaq Shia, they were against it, adding that there should be no interference in the uniform civil code as the entire Muslim Community is united on it. Another eminent Shia cleric Kalbe Jawwad too welcomed the SC decision but blamed the Sunni Maulana for ignoring the plight of the women for such a long time, forcing the court and the government to interfere. He too said that on this pretext, the government should not interfere with the UCC.

Maulana Zahir Abbas Rizvi, president of the Shia Ulema Board, too appreciated the court's ruling. "It is a good judgment as the SC did not take any final decision but asked the Central government to take steps ," he said, adding that like the Babri mosque case where the SC had mooted for a consensus between the parties, in this case too, it had left enough space for the clerics to play their role. "Now it is the duty of the clerics to sit and take a decision on triple talaq so that no politics could be done on the matter," MaulanaRizvi said.