One year old…and still clicking
One year old…and still clicking

One year old…and still clicking

Sushil Kumar

The online space is littered with the debris of numerous start-ups, marquee founders and tantalizing brands who boast of astronomical dollar funding, exotic products & services and out-of-the-box solutions. An oft-quoted statistic is that 90 percent of new online businesses fail in the first four months. Yes, four months! And the mortality index is more alarming for standalone online newspapers - where even angels (investors) fear to tread...

In such a dismal digital scenario, the online daily, PenNews, launched on 14th June 2017, has been striving to make a quiet, but noticeable presence, as it approaches its first anniversary. realized that there is a space where the Pen is, indeed, mightier than the sword. And thus was born the digital platform of authentic news.

There surely exists a vacuum to know the authentic: be it views, counter-views, worldviews, overviews or pure news--and PenNews fills this void for a sizeable populace who wish to take pride in being authentic.

Over the past 12 months, PenNews has laid down some tenets – that it will not customise journalism to the newly evolved media mantra, viz. "Celebratise, Hypnotise, Corporatise & Monetise"; that it shall not publicise any ideology - be it political, social or parochial; and that it must not marginalize genuine public interest issues for narrow private gains; and that it will not contextualize shallow narratives, thereby losing its independent character.

The unfolding situation in the past one year, reveals that PenNews is a coming together of minds from multi-faceted professions, disciplines, vocations, specializations and inclinations : with the sole objective of reclaiming the soul of journalism -- by way of an engaging, vibrant and no-nonsense news portal. The online portal recognizes, that in this age of information overload, where numerous traditional & new media platforms are vying to hook an attention-deficit consumer, it has to offer a Unique 'Sensible' Proposition.

In fact, in just a few months from launch, PenNews had carved a distinctive mindshare and brand identity for itself. Thanks to its roster of illustrious & multi-talented contributors from across the country : globally acclaimed spiritual lights like Mata Amritanandamayi Devi and Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev; iconic journalists like Kuldip Nayar, Hari Jaisingh, S.Sivadas,Virendra Kapoor...accomplished diplomats like KC Singh, TP Sreenivasan... media professionals like TK Thomas... And honchos from the corporate sector who have been persuaded to freelance, to add an unfamiliar flavor to the portal’s contents.

With a nose for real news, ear to the ground and a heart beating for the general public, PenNews is simultaneously news-centric, features-oriented and life-centered. Hence domains like Education, Health, Tech vie for attention along with Politics, Business, Economy, Entertainment, Sports... covering local, national and global perspectives.

The pleasantly designed news portal, PenNews, under the stewardship of veteran journalist, K. Gopalakrishnan, possesses an editorial outlook which aims to facilitate an independent platform for contributors, known and unknown, and provide authentic content to consumers.

Here’s wishing PenNews more clicks on its first birthday.

Sushil Kumar, ex-Dean, Amrita School of Business, currently Co-Founder Emeritus, Grochange Global, and Chief Mentor, Mansions.