Naga Hoho of Nagaland condemns remark of Shashi Tharoor

Naga Hoho of Nagaland condemns remark of Shashi Tharoor

Kohima, Aug 7: The Naga Hoho (NH) has condemned a statement made by Congress leader Shashi Tharor terming Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s wearing of Naga headgear as “outlandish and hilarious.”

In a press statement issued by Naga Hoho president P Chuba Ozukum and vice president Samson Remei said that Tharoor while speaking at a seminar in Kerala had questioned, “Why does our PM, who wears all sorts of outlandish headgear whenever he goes around country, around the world… why does he always refuse to wear a Muslim skullcap?”

“You see him in hilarious Naga head-dress with feathers, various kinds of extraordinary outfits, which is right thing for PM to do…Indira Gandhi has also been photographed wearing various kinds of costumes,” Tharoor had said while speaking on the theme ‘Standing up to hatred; Violence and intolerance.’

Naga Hoho said, “His statement though meant to be humorous shows the contemptuous mentality of some of mainstream Indians towards the North-East and in particular the Nagas,” it said.“Even in the past, Congress leaders like Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi have worn the Naga headgears and traditional dresses keeping in mind that India is a democratic secular country but no political parties or individuals showed such disregard and impudence as that of Shashi Tharoor,” the Naga Hoho said.

It urged the Congress leader to tender and unconditional apology to the Naga people for “mocking the Naga traditional attire,” the Naga Hoho said. (UNI)