Mizoram passes Bill against dog meat trade

Mizoram passes Bill against dog meat trade

Agency News

Mizoram, in northeastern India, has taken a significant step towards ending its dog meat trade by amending the law to remove dogs from the definition of animals suitable for slaughter.

The Animal Slaughter Bill 2020 was unanimously passed by the Mizoram Legislative Assembly. The move was welcomed by Humane Society International/India, which is urging the Government of Mizoram to end the cruel and illegal dog meat trade. The consumption of dog meat is prohibited under India’s food and safety regulations, but the law is poorly enforced, leaving thousands of dogs – pets and street dogs alike – to be snatched up to be sold for their meat.

There have also been reports of dogs transported from neighboring countries such as Myanmar and Bangladesh. The cruel transport and slaughter of dogs violates several provisions of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, the Indian Penal Code, and Food Safety and Standard Authority (FSSAI) regulations.