Bank Of Baroda returns fraudulently withdrawn money

Bank Of Baroda returns fraudulently withdrawn money

Agency News

Imphal, Feb 21: Bank of Baroda has refunded an amount of Rs. 94.5 Lakhs to Manipur University.

David K. Zote, Registrar i/c of Manipur University today said the money was returned on February 1 last.

The amount was withdrawn from Manipur University account, using two forged cheques, one of Rs 45 Lakhs on 03.10.2018 and another amount of Rs 49.5 Lakhs on 06.10.2018, in the name of “Patel Real Estate”.

On October 31, 2018 Manipur University Finance Officer had lodged a report to Singjamei Police Station regarding the two withdrawals using forged cheques. Upon investigation by Manipur Police, it was found the said Patel Real Estate was owned by one Sandeep Patel, Baramati, Bhigwan Road, Pune, Maharashtra.