RIMS Director suggests strict adherence to guidelines to stop spread of Covid 19

RIMS Director suggests strict adherence to guidelines to stop spread of Covid 19

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Imphal, May 22 : From zero to 23 fresh Covid 19 cases within a span of few days in Manipur has made the government specially health practitioners and support staff do a review of the preparedness and the challenges ahead. All the new cases were detected from people who came back from other states and thousands of people will be arriving by train and buses within the next few days. Dr Ahanthem Santa, Director, Regional Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) said the virus which we are dealing now is a tricky one, it attacks most of the vital parts of the body. As more people are coming into the state pressure on health practitioners has increased manifold and Dr Santa felt that the virus can spread in the community if we don't take precautions now. There is demand for more tests now. Dr Santa said it may be difficult to do faster methods like 'pooling test' as it may be counter productive.

If there is a positive result then separate tests have to be done all over again for all 25 samples . It takes more time, he added. Most of the microbiologists working in ICMR , Virus Research and Diagnostic Laboratory ( VRDL ) and other states feel that the samples may be too diluted to detect any positive cases. That may be the reason it is still not included in ICMR latest guidelines published on May 18 last he added. When the result is negative, the person is sent for home quarantine. This phase is important as the person , family and neighbourhood should be aware of the 'protocol' to be followed strictly during home quarantine period he said. There is also a chance of False NEGATIVE in test results. Dr Santa said people should know about the incubation period and if a person gets infected today it doesn't mean that the test will be positive tomorrow.

So there is always small risk of community transmission . The victims will be elder peoples, asthmatic patients , obese people, heart disease patient, diabetic patient, CKD (kidney patients) . When there are more Covid patients in hospital, all other patients like heart attacks, strokes, dialysis patients, cancer patients, fracture, elective surgery, even CS are likely to be sidelined, he added. All diagnostic Radiology, X ray, CT scan, USG will be affected as people are likely to hesitate to undergo test/scan with the same equipment in the same room he said. The effect can be traumatic as after 11 new positive cases were found at JNIMS , the JNIMS emergency ward was almost empty . People are scared even to go to hospital, he said. The planning for the next 14 days is important. A small state like Manipur can’t manage large numbers of Covid patients and the plan is to "flatten the curve" he said. It is to buy time and space for the health practitioners to prepare for more patients while managing the patient.

The incoming people from other states can be managed in a time frame he said. He said if evacuations were done under a controlled situation doctors, nurses, paramedical staff and officials can manage the workload. The process may take over six months or maybe sooner if we find a cure for it he added. The Manipur government has also started massive preparations for reception, transportation, quarantine of strand, people. Separate place of transgender, strict implementation of guidelines and other measures. State consultation committee headed by Chief Minister, N Biren Singh is monitoring the situation. Ministers, MLAs, Director RIMS, Director JNIMS, Chief Secretary and other government officials are also members of the Committee. The committee takes expert opinions from the members and executes the works. Dr Santa said most of the important issues were also pointed out to the Committee. RIMS has already treated a patient with serious health issues and is now looking after Covid 19 patients in its centre . OPDs is also functioning with limited intake of patients. (UNI)