Life limps back in Manipur after easing of lockdown

Life limps back in Manipur after easing of lockdown

Agency News

Imphal, May 4 : Manipur, a total Green Zone state witnessed return of normalcy today as most activities were allowed. All activities which were not allowed by the government like the salon, congregation of people, movement of passenger vehicles remain suspended. The three main women’s markets in the heart of the city remained closed. All schools, colleges, educational/training/coaching institutions etc were still closed and classes were done online.

The shops which were allowed to open will be open till 4 pm and restrictions of movement of people will remain enforced from 6 pm to 6 am until the end of the lockdown. Only employees above Under Secretary rank attended office. Following the social distancing norm, wearing face was made compulsory. Most of the oil depots were opened. As more movement was allowed, traffic jam were witnessed in many places. Prices of vegetables and other food items also declined.

The price of onion which had reached Rs 80 per kg declined to Rs 40 per kg, potato was sold at Rs 30 per kg even though it was earlier available at Rs 50 per kg. According to people who bought goods today the rates had considerably declined as movement within the state was allowed. (UNI)