Manipur Police intensifies drive against traffic violators

Manipur Police intensifies drive against traffic violators

Agency News

Imphal, Sep 10 : As a nationwide drive of imposing heavy fines for traffic rule violations is making headlines, the Manipur government has decided to give some time to people to buy helmets.

Manipur Police collected a fine of Rs 4,41,200 as penalty from traffic regulation violators during the last 20 days. Khoisan Sarma Devi, SP Traffic Control Police Wing, said that a total of 3849 cases under Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 were taken up and collected a sum of Rs 4,41,200 as a penalty.

About 1083 traffic regulation violators were warned and released. People have raised the issue of non-availability of good quality helmets and those available have no price tag. From Sep 25 those who don’t wear helmets will be fined under the new Act. No helmet, no petrol rule was also introduced. All oil depots were asked not to provide petrol to those who don’t wear helmets.

Vehicle owners also complained of non-opening of pollution centres in most of the districts.

Insurance works were also problematic as there were few offices and mostly done online. People demanded the opening of insurance offices for the convenience of the people. (UNI)