RTI must in a democratic set up : Minister

RTI must in a democratic set up : Minister

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Imphal, Oct 9: Minister, CAF & PD, Revenue, Karam Shyam expressed that Right to Information Act 2005 is very important in a democratic state for ensuring full transparency and accountability of the different activities and functioning of the Government for the service and interest of the public.

He said this while gracing the closing function of Right to Information Week Celebration-2018 at Lamyanba Shanglen, Konung Lampak today.

Comparing India to other civilized foreign countries, Minister Karam Shyam stated that RTI is not at all required to the same extent we need here because in Manipur, we face critical situation and big challenges in connection with bringing transparency in governance unlike them.

RTI activists need sound knowledge and power to be able to perform their tasks effectively and efficiently, he added.

Elected leaders should not abridge the rights of the people in any way and use properly the local area developed funds entrusted to them in the interest of the public, he assured.

Appealing the students to create a State without a need for RTI in their in times, Minister Shyam said that honesty should be inculcated since childhood.

S Rajen, MLA said that Government schemes regarding health and start-up programmes with a total investment of Rs 3 crores with 30 per cent subsidy for the innovative youths should reach the rightful hands of the people.

He also appealed to the officials and RTI activists present at the function not to misuse the RTI for personal gains and political assassination.

Manipur strongly needs RTI for ensuring quality maintenance, bringing sound development in all departments and for striving for a corruption-free State.

Chief Information Commissioner Th Ibobi stated that information exchange is very important the public should use RTI for right purpose apart from bringing transparency and accountability.

Amarjit Okram, Namrata Chinglembi Konsam and Tourangbam Sonia Serafina clinched the top 3 spots of the RTI essay competition.(UNI)