Pravin Darekar lauds PM for "efficient" COVID-19 handling

Pravin Darekar lauds PM for "efficient" COVID-19 handling

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Aurangabad (Maharashtra), Jun 7 : Pravin Darekar, Leader of Opposition(LoP) in the Maharashtra Legislative Council, on Sunday lauded PM Narendra Modi-led Centre for "efficiently" handling the COVID-19 crisis and recounted the "historic" achievements of the premier during the first year of his second tenure.

His remarks came during the press meet held at the Subhedari guest house here, after he spoke with the officials regarding the administrative measures taken to cripple the pandemic. Flanked by the former Assembly Speaker Haribhau Bagde, Rajya Sabha MP Bhagwat Karad, former Minister Atul Save, MLA Prashant Bamb, among other eminent BJP leaders, Mr Darekar asserted, "Under the leadership of PM Modi, India has effectively countered the corona pandemic." He said, "The Corona's brave fight, successful implementation of Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana, innovative solutions for a self-reliant India and historic decisions, which will solve India's decades-old problems are the hallmarks of this year." He proclaimed, "India's population and the combined population of the 14 countries most affected by the pandemic are almost the same.

However, the number of infected people in these countries was 22.5 times higher than in India." "Also, the number of deaths is 55.2 times more than India," he said, adding, "this has been made possible by the timely nationwide lockdown, the creation of instant medical facilities and the effective treatment of patients."

He further said, " The Centre had immediately announced a Rs 1,70,000 crore PM Poor Welfare Package, and effectively implemented it to help the weaker sections affected by the Corona pandemic. So far, about Rs 53,248 crore has been provided to about 42 crore needy people." "The central government has taken steps to provide free food grains to crores of people, direct deposit to farmers' accounts, free gas cylinders to poor families, direct financial assistance to women with Jan Dhan accounts as well as poor senior citizens, widows and the disabled," he spoke in the same breath.

Talking about the Rs 20 lakh crore package, he averred, "The Modi government has taken important decisions to speed up the economic cycle by extending a helping hand to farmers, small scale entrepreneurs, bedridden people and small businesses. This package will get the country out of the economic crisis of Corona." (UNI)