Lockdown: Mah govt permits religious travel of Jains

Lockdown: Mah govt permits religious travel of Jains

Agency News

Thane, Jun 1 : Maharashtra government has granted conditional permission to the Jains undertaking foot journeys in religious accordance amidst lockdown. On May 29, State Congress Committee General Secretary Suman Agarwal had addressed a memorandum to Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray for granting protection and travel passes to the Jains, who travel on foot annually prior to their revered month of Chaturmas.

They undertake these arduous journeys barefoot with the aim of reaching different locations across India prior Chaturmas, which begins in July this year. Accepting Ms Agarwal's memorandum, the government asked the administrative chiefs and Police Department for ensuring safety of the devouts as well as maintaining law and order. It further asked for adherence to social distancing and resorting to crowd-control measures by not permitting assembly of more than five persons. Ms Agarwal has profusely thanked the CM for giving the nod and making subsequent arrangement for the religious travel. (UNI)