BJP woman sarpanch gets death threat for trying to save Palghar victims

BJP woman sarpanch gets death threat for trying to save Palghar victims

Agency News

Palghar, Apr 24: Chitra Chowdhary, woman BJP sarpanch of the Gadchinchale village, expressed apprehension regarding her life as she has been receiving threatening calls after the gruesome lynching of three men whom she tried to "save from an armed mob of more than 500."

Talking to a local media, a middle-aged Chitra averred that she made all-out attempts to save the victims from the savage gathering from the time she intimated the police till they arrived. She said the gory episode began in the intervening night of April 16-17, when she headed to the spot after getting to know that the trio has locked themselves in their car as the unruly mob surrounded them and kept assaulting the vehicle.

For the next three hours, Ms Chitra said, she struggled to save the victims, including a senior citizen, from the gathering which asked her either to move away from their way or get slain. Upon seeing the police, the driver and one sadhu scurried into the police jeep while the elderly sadhu ran towards the forest check post looking for hiding. The sarpanch also managed to reach the check post for taking cover as the frenzied mob now started pelting stones at them.

The ensuing commotion left her injured but fortunately she escaped from the crime scene. ''Thank god, I am saved as I ran out else I would have been lynched like the trio'', she remarked. She further said that the next she saw the victims was after a few hours after the incident began. However, by this time, they had been brutally killed. If the police had acted strongly, the raging mob could have been controlled and the victims spared from the untimely and horrifying deaths, she asserted.

Now, Ms Chitra claimed that she has been repeatedly getting death threats by the villagers as they think she tipped-off the police in arresting the perpetrators. Defending herself, she said, "I did not recognise anyone in the mob and they were from the surrounding villages too. The police can check the CCTV footage near the check post and identify the accused." "Who will be responsible if I am killed by the angry villagers?" she questioned, adding that she should be given police protection else her family will suffer in the end. (UNI)